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KISS THE BOOK : The Tilting House by tom LlewellynLanguage - PG (2 swears, 0 "f"), Sexual Content - G; Violence - G; Josh and his family move into a big house with tilted floors and writing all over the walls. When the good folks at TRICYCLE PRESS, publisher of children ;s books , sent me this volume, I wasn ;t sure I would care for it. The floors are designed to tilt at a precise three-degree angle and the walls are covered with arcane. The Tilting House is a slant in the right direction. The Drowning Machine: THE TILTING HOUSE by Tom LLewellynThis story is about two kids named Josh and Aaron Peshik, who live in a house with tilting floors. First of all, the floors all tilt at precisely 3 degrees, and scribbled notes of mad science cover the walls, ceiling, and . It ;s for middle grade . FORMAT: Juvenile Fiction 3 Stars. It was a flashback to an old haunted house I lived in as a kid. All the floors in the house tilt. Author: Tom Llewellyn. This was one interesting book ! (I really wanted to read it since it is set in Tacoma . Pages: 150. I could not have asked for better subject matter. Annotation: Josh and Aaron Peshik aren ;t sure what to make of the new house their parents have . Posted by . The Tilting House - Tom Llewellyn - Google Books “Whaddya say you boys and me take five and poke around a bit?” “Poke around where?” I asked. The Tilting House , by Tom Llewellyn, was recently published by our Tricycle imprint and it ;s getting the attention it deserves in the blogosphere. The Tilting House –Tom Llewellyn | By Singing LightI unfortunately have returned The Tilting House , so I don ;t have specific examples, but there were a lot of them, and they tipped the balance of the book from compressed into frustratingly absent

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